About Me

I used to delete this  ‘About me’ section because I thought that it wasn’t very important. But then I realized that I was wrong. I have been mistaken as  a boy by so many people because of my posts and previous blog themes. Lol.

So yeah, here I will point out that I’m originally a GIRL in real world .

Writing and music are two effective medicines to cure my madness and curiosity. That’s why mostly I write about music-related contents such as  band and album reviews (and some concert reviews too).

I love underrated music from different genre and I kill my time by digging some unknown-yet-good musicians on internet, mostly on Last.fm, and some radio streaming sites.

I’m not a musician but I like singing and playing instruments when there’s no people surround me.

I’ve grown up. I don’t listen to music by it’s specific genre anymore. I explore any kind of music except hiphop, rap, electronic, dubstep, dance, and jazz. So, if you wanna know what I’m currently listening to, you could catch me up here:

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last fm

I rarely tweet, but if you use Twitter, you could see the updated posts from my blog directly through Twitter. Follow me here:

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twitter logo

Anyway, my name is Rena Herald. If you Google that name, you will find some pages that maybe mine. Lol.

Thank you 🙂


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